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New nature activities at “Modala” in Panglao

Amid the pandemic, Modala Resort, the latest up-scale resort in Panglao is on the peak of preparing an additional activity for tourists to enjoy their stay in the province.

Manny Mendoza, top honcho of Tumoy Leisure Village said that fish cages are now being put up nearby the resort in the blue seas of Panglao.

Targeted to be operational this year, the resort will accommodate guests and walk-in dinners to an innovative floating resto where they will bring their catch from the fish cage for cooking at the restaurant.

The concept is catch-and-cook as tourists will enjoy fishing at their fish cages measuring no less than 10 x 10 meters.

The resort owner said this is their latest addition in providing new attractions to their growing clientele.

Tumoy Leisure Village owns and operates Modala Resort and Moadto Strip where various restaurants like The Buzz, Oriental Chinese Resto, Lotus, The Lechonman and Ocean lounge are fast gaining patronage by visiting guests and tourists.

The Bohol Chronicle – January 3, 2021