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  • bedipo@bohol.gov.ph
  • 2f New Capitol Building, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Bohol Economic Development and Investment Promotion Office

The Bohol Economic Development and Investment Promotion Office (BEDIPO) formerly the Bohol Investment Promotion Center (BIPC), which has been streamlined and expanded in compliance with DILG MC 2020-167, and created as a regular department of the Provincial Government of Bohol, is deemed necessary to enhance local competitiveness and ease of doing business to enable business to thrive and encourage more investments in the province in order to sustain local economic development.

It is the office in the Provincial Government of Bohol that is in charge of the facilitation, preparation, coordination, and execution of local economic development and investment promotion policies, projects and activities. Its basic function is to take charge of all activities related to:

a) LGU investment facilitation and promotion activities;

b) Local Enterprise Development;

c) Establishment of support mechanisms for the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs);

d) Provide mechanisms for business retention and expansion; and

e) Other business and economic activities to attract investments and generate employment, within the purview of the purpose, principles and framework as stated in the BOHOL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT CODE IN THE NEW NORMAL.

In addition, the BIPC shall have the following specific duties and functions:

a)  To serve as member of the advisory group on local economic development and investment promotion;

b)  To steer the creation of a business-enabling environment to attract, retain or expand sustainable investments and businesses, and to increase local competitiveness;

c)  To assist in the development, promotion and marketing of MSMEs and investment priority areas;

d)  In close coordination with the Provincial Planning and Development Office, to identify economic enterprise projects that may be implemented through Public-Private Partnership (PPP);

e)  To establish and maintain partnership with Local Government Units and National Government regulatory agencies to advocate, streamline, harmonize and provide one-stop assistance; extend available incentives and support for business requirements; undertake monitoring activities; and, advocate the enforcement of investment-related policies, laws and regulations and facilitate the resolution of issues/concerns encountered by business entities when necessary;

f)   To coordinate with multi-sectoral stakeholders to implement programs and projects that will promote business-friendliness and local competitiveness;

g)  To conduct, participate and represent the Province in trade, promotion and marketing events/missions, including meetings, conferences and other similar activities in both domestic and foreign venues that promote and market Bohol Province to attract investors and business people;

h)  To establish and maintain a local economic database containing relevant facts and figures on the local economy and service agencies and providers for updated information and advice;

i)   To prepare, disseminate and make accessible investment promotion collaterals;

j)   To facilitate business registration and provide handholding assistance;

k)  To support local councils whose undertakings are related to economic development;

l)   To build the capacity of the BIPC and network with counterpart Local Economic Development and Investment Promotion Offices and investment promotion organizations to enhance and propel a holistic local economic development and investment promotion in the Province of Bohol.